What is Marketing?

      Marketing is not just and commercial you see on tv or hear on the radio.
      It’s not just a flyer in the mail or billboard on the side of the road.
      Marketing is finding the right type of customer, providing them with the right product or service,
      In the right quantity
      In the right place
      At the right time

      Marketing and
      Business Development

      Marketing is a key element to a successful business. Do not forgo it when business gets tough, dig deep and make it work for you. Work smarter with your hard earned dollars.

      At GetBranded we help you to identify and understand your customer so you are able to give them exactly what they want. We want to help you change the way you think about marketing, we want you to get bang for your buck.

      Let us help grow your business and discover how much potential it has!

      • Basic
      • Strategic

        Strategic marketing plans:

        • Make sense of business environment
        • Enables clear decision making
        • Integrates long term planning and short time implementation
        • Prevents panic decisions
        • Is a working document that you can plug n play.

        GetBranded wants to help you develop a marketing plan to map out any decision you have made for you business to be able to determine the future success.

        We will deliver the words, goals, strategies, competitors, pricing barriers, market environment and we will keep your marketing simple.

      • Campaigns

        Do you have a brand, product or service but not sure how to get the word out there?

        Not sure how to advertise, or if you can afford it?

        What medium is best for your business

        Our minds our creative and we think outside the box.

        We have an amazing relationship with all media.

        We do not receive commissions from media which means we do what is right for you.

      • Brand Manuals
        Brand Manuals

        Your brand is the DNA of your business. Your brand manual is your bible – it will give you and anyone who touches your brand a map on what and how to use your logo, collateral, colours, your merchandise etc.

        The reason you need a brand manual:

        1. To stay consistent without distorting the brand
        2. It will improve your marketing efforts and show that you’re confident
        3. You’ll understand you’re own tone, expression and character better. The more you refer too it, the more acquainted you’ll become with your own brand and the more focused it will become.

        Sometimes you’ll hand your project off to someone else who knows nothing about your brand. Without an identity guide to refer too, it’ll seem like that person has a lack of respect or understanding for your brand, and rightfully so. With an identity guide you can avoid such unawareness.

      • Creative Concepts
        Creative Concepts

        Ok so we are a business that loves to think outside the box. Call us crazy or creative, but it means the same to us.

        Ask us how we can get you to STAND OUT from the crowd.
        We challenge you to challenge us.

        • Promotional product and merchandise
        • New ideas
        • Fun ways to communicate with your customers
        • Sales concepts
        • Event and promotional concepts
        • PR concepts
      • Social Media
        Social Media

        Do not get left behind!

        Over the last 6 years marketing has seen a shift from traditional media to media on an online setting. Gone are the days where your online presence was just a website. Social media has opened brand new doors for marketing; the opportunities are endless.

        • Social media plans
        • Platform social media development and management
        • Tracking
        • Social media management

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      • Marketing Health Check
        Marketing Health Check

        The marketing audit has certain similarities to a financial audit in that it is a review or appraisal of your existing marketing activities.

        • Review and appraise what you have been doing
        • Where are you known in the market?
        • What have you been doing that is great and not so great?
        • Cost vs performance and return on investment

        The business environment is constantly changing; the marketing audit should be used as a reference tool, with constant updates reflecting changes in the external environment and your own internal business experiences.


      Public relation and media management

      • Media strategy planning – what to do and why?
      • Media training – ok so how do I speak to the media?
      • Issues management – we can help you be heard!
      • The three goals of PR is to inform, educate and entertain

      We strive to ensure is the 8 values in news worthiness.

      1. Proximity
      2. Prominence
      3. Significance
      4. Timeliness
      5. Human interest
      6. Unusualness
      7. Conflict
      8. Currency (newness)

      corporate events &
      product launch management

      • Delivering a corporate event with key outcomes is what we love to do!
      • Shouting your product to the world is exciting to us!
      • Let us plan and implement your next corporate event or product launch….lets be creative.


      Sponsorship is another form of advertising, yes that is right. It is a business transaction. We want to:

      • Manage your sponsorship
      • Get the best bang for your buck
      • Get some sponsorship dollars for you

      Workshop &
      Conference speaker

      So a couple of us love to talk, yep that is right. Madonna is a qualified trainer and has many levels of competency

      • Marketing
      • Public Relations
      • Events
      • Sponsorship
      • Women as leaders
      • Work life balance
      • Or challenge us to deliver a specific topic.

      copy writing &
      Publication development

      We can write, create, review and work to a project. This can include:

      • Year books
      • Annual reports
      • Brochures
      • Advertising content
      • Website content

      out of
      the box

      • We can source product
      • We can get the answers to crazy concepts
      • We can get you great graphics, videos and photography

      Marketing Packages!

      starting from just $650

      You could be a business that has just started up or one that has been in business for many years, GetBranded wants to be the one to help you.

      It’s simple. You need to concentrate on your business and do what you do best. Allow GetBranded come in and to help by doing what they do best – giving marketing advice to grow your business!

      GetBranded have developed a range of packages designed to suit businesses in different stages of their business life cycle. We understand that what is suited to a brand new business is different from businesses that have been in the industry for 10 years.

      Business Start Up Packages

      Are you are new business and just don’t know where to start? GetBranded are here to hold your hand during you new adventure and will be there every step of the way!

      • Baby steps with a plug and play model of getting started
      • We will teach you how to KISS – (keep it simple stupid)
      • Plan on a page business building model

      How GetBranded is involved is up to you. We can develop your business and marketing plans, help with the development of your brand such as name, logo design and colours. We can even set you up with business cards, stationary and signage.

      The business start up package includes:

      • Market and Customer Research discovery
      • Brand Development – name, logo, signage, website overview
      • Business Plan on a Page
      • Marketing Plan on a Page
      • Promotional Product concepts
      Mentoring Packages

      At GetBranded we understand that as a small business owner, you spend more time working IN your business than ON your business. You lose track of what is going on around you, and before you know it you have fallen behind and struggling to catch up.

      GetBranded offers a guiding hand in our unique mentoring program.

      PR Packages

      1. Short and Sharp - Get the media you need for a specific date, time and place

      2. Campaigner – produce a great little campaign to deliver over a maximum of 2 months

      3. Long Haul PR – we are here for the long time to make it work for your business and your needs.

      Marketing Clients

      Mercedes Benz Townsville Fashion Festival Marketing, Event Management

      National Servicemen 60th Anniversary 2011 Sponsorship documentation, Presentation to Council, Chairing meetings, Event assistance

      Townsville City Council Project assistance – Departments include Economic Development, Marketing and Communications

      Townsville Enterprise Project assistance – presentation delivery, projects

      Communities for Children Development of strategies and implementation of community related events

      Events Queensland Presentation – workshop at State Conferences on Marketing, and Branding

      Australian Hockey Australia vs Argentina – organisation of game day marketing for Townsville inclusive of match sponsorship

      The Smith Family Development of community event to achieve stated objectives

      Australian Italian Festival Ingham and Greek Festival Townsville Audit of marketing, Development of marketing and PR plan

      Sunferries Marketing Audit – Development of Marketing Plan & Budget, Mentoring staff